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Carter Media Group is a full-service Public Relations Firm that specializes in helping attorneys to own their story. We created a framework around O.W.N. to assist our clients. O - Original: We focus on your unique story. W - Work: Sharing the impact of your work on the lives that you have changed. N- Network: Forming a community around you that breaks barriers, builds trust, and influences people to act. Our focus on the power of the firm's story allows clients to connect with your company and drives growth. Your brand is a promise to your clients. However, it's not your brand until you own your story.

Public Relations
Digital Strategy
Crisis Management
Content Development


Media Relations and Coaching

Carter Media Group provides a platform for attorneys who want to increase their brand through media appearances and prepared press releases, media packages, and our extensive network to secure TV appearances for clients. CMG also provides media coaching to ensure TV appearances are optimized. A coaching session will last 2-hours and equips you with expert training for you and/or your partners to adequately prepare you for any media situation.

Digital Strategy

Carter Media Group helps attorneys engage with their clients online and through social media. Firms do not have to advertise or "sell" all the time. Instead, social media (like its name implies) is a way to be social and network through an online platform. CMG helps attorneys lose the stiff, salesman-like attitude and develop content that is casual, comfortable and tells a story about their firm and what they offer. To develop the firm's story, Carter Media Group interviews past and current clients to hear in their words what they value and what they experienced when dealing with the firm. Then we use this information to create social media content, draft content for the company's website, and prepare blog articles. To track success, we offer reporting, data tracking, and analytics.

Crisis Management

Any business can be the subject of a media storm, but specific industries are more likely to face a media issue at some point (e.g., law firms). CMG provides coaching and policies to ensure that everyone in the organization knows what should do in the event of a media crisis. Think of this as an insurance policy against future attacks.


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"Dontaye is an attentive and creative public relations expert. He focuses on connecting you with results whether it is brand awareness or conversion to leads."

Karen Creed, M.D. Partner, Women's Health Associates

"After getting with you today, I truly and sincerely believe that you (Dontaye) are in your space. This has been an amazing time for Sandy and I. I want to commend you for what you're doing and the wealth of information that you shared with us."

Anthony Petty Executive Financial Partners

"Your value comes from having control of the story. You help us to own the narrative."

Will Arnold Owner, Lead Attorney at The Arnold Law Firm

"My boss said to me shortly after my story aired, "Good job! How'd you get that story? That was one of the best attorneys I've seen interview on camera. Everything he said was a great soundbite." I replied, "That was Dontaye's work."

Mark Winne Reporter, WSBTV

"You are worth your weight in gold. Your work is phenomenal."

Gerald Griggs Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney, Justice Fighter

"Dontaye knows and understands the impact of a story told well. A story told well can impact fundraising. A story told well can impact political races. A story told well can change cultures for the better. A great story marked with advertising, with a strong call to action, is really what separates today's marketers that achieve results. Dontaye understands this and I highly recommend Dontaye, and his advice and counsel to you."

Lawton Chiles President of Lawton Chiles


Why does owning the narrative matters? Follow Carter Media Group as we blog about the latest trends in PR, Media, and Storytelling.

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CMG Founder Dontaye Carter Wins Social Justice Award

It’s never been about me. It’s always been about the community. This is an “us” thing. I’m humbled to be honored for The Carter Media Group, LLC.’s work in Social Justice alongside my wife and daughter at the First Annual Royal Blue Carpet Fundraiser.

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Why Hasn't The Investigation Into the Death of Jimmy Atchison Been Presented to a Grand Jury?

CNN's Nick Valencia Interviews CMG client Jimmy Hill about his concerns about the investigation into the death of his son Jimmy Hill.

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Dontaye Carter Speaks with PR and Communication Professionals about the Relevancy of Truth

The truth isn’t hard to find, but it can be difficult to discuss. Dontaye Carter was honored to share the stage with such dynamic public relations experts such as Lt. Col. Caitlin Brown, Director of Public Affairs for the National Guard, Leigh Woisard, Vice President Corporate Public Affairs, Cox Communications, and Lisa Gerber, CEO, Big Leap Creative, and so many other PR heavy weights Florida Public Relations Association.


In 2016, I sat in my office working to connect my (then) boss Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard with his constituents on social media. I thought I was doing a good job, I just didn't realize how well because I hadn't followed all of the analytics associated with his social media platforms. One day, the Director of IT compiled the numbers and stated you might want to open your own firm. In a relatively short time, I had taken the DA's reach from 200 per post to over 18,000 organically. At the time, I didn't understand all of the analytics, but I realized how powerful a business's story can be to their audience. I'm talking about an ROI 4 times to 20 times higher than what you're producing now if you're telling the story that resonates with your audience. Currently, that's precisely what I do; I help business owners to identify the story that connects them with their audience to drive the ROI mentioned above. For ten years before the DA's Office, I worked in television news as an Executive Producer, Anchor, and Reporter across the Southeast and Midwest. I worked in Atlanta at CBS46 and 11Alive, in Tulsa, OK at FOX23, and in Tallahassee, Florida at WCTV. During this decade, storytelling became a passion of mine, and I learned how important it can be to bring people together. People connect with people before they connect with products or services, Carter Media Group is the bridge that connects. I achieve your connections, growth, and security through four main package offerings: Public Relations Consulting, Media Relations, Digital Marketing Strategy, and Crisis Management. You can send an email to dontaye@cartermedia.net for more information.


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