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R. Kelly Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

2022-08-03 | Post By: Dontaye Carter

Nearly three years after Carter Media Group began working with the Law Firm of Gerald Griggs, Robert Sylvester Kelly was found guilty of federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges.

Carter's firm worked with the Law Office of Gerald A. Griggs to breakdown the case on every significant international platform. Through an exhaustive investigation, Attorney Griggs found evidence such as plane tickets and emails that verified that some of the women were underage when they allegedly became sexually involved with Kelly.

Attorney Griggs’ work was featured in Time Magazine, New York Times, BBC, Lifetime, Good Morning America, and many other publications and media outlets. As a result of the work, Kelly was indicted on six federal and state indictments. His bond was denied. Currently, he awaits trial.

CMG's work highlighting the truth was so effective that it earned three awards from the Communicator's Awards

“We are in an age of accountability. These three awards speak to our ability to take the facts in an attorney’s case and share the information in a way that’s easily consumed by their target audience. Our teams work hard to find the best ways to share the details of each case on the most suitable media platforms and in a way that drives growth for our clients’ firms. For Attorney Griggs, the success led to 500 new clients and counting,” said Carter. “It is humbling to receive such high praise for work that we are passionate about, and we thank AIVA and their team for this esteemed honor.”

On the day of Mr. Kelly's sentencing, Mike Petchenik, a former reporter with WSBTV stated: "If not for the hard work of @AttorneyGriggs and @DontayeForMayor this might have never happened."