Carter Media Group helps Attorney Gerald Griggs, The Justice Fighter, Debut on Breakfast Club

2018-10-29 | Post By: Dontaye Carter

What happens when you get Atlanta’s most dangerous man on the world’s most dangerous morning show? Magic happens!

“I knew you would get me on the Breakfast Club; I just didn’t think it would happen so soon.”

Gerald Griggs

One of the things that Carter Media Group prides itself in is getting the results that our clients seek. Mr. Griggs is a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, Georgia and the 3 VP of the NAACP of the State of Georgia. He pushed the NAACP to file a lawsuit against now Governor-Elect Brian Kemp over voter suppression in Georgia. He wanted to speak on a platform with a considerable minority following to educate the base about voter suppression. 

Carter Media Group identified that the best platform would beThe Breakfast Club. In less than a month, Carter Media Group had booked Griggs on the show.

To date, the episode has over 37-thousand views. 

You can watch the show at the link below: 

Attorney Gerald Griggs Talks Voter Suppression, Holding Elected Officials Accountable & More

And, we met Jimmy Fallon, who interviewed with the radio station just minutes before we went on air. Talk about a great show!