Dontaye Carter Speaks to the FPRA about Protecting their Clients

2019-11-21 | Post By: Dontaye Carter

“I personally believe that anyone that steps out on faith, they have certain characteristics: they’re bold, they’re visionaries, and they’re courageous. Our speaker this evening is actually bold. He is a visionary, and he is courageous. He’s mastered the art of storytelling. He’s mastered communication. And he’s never forgotten where he came from.”

Florida House Representative Ramon Alexander


It’s difficult to live up to such a powerful spoken introduction. From the entire team at Carter Media and TOV Digital Media, we thank Representative Alexander for his kind words.

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, Dontaye Carter, CEO of Carter Media Group, spoke with the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) about “How to Protect Their Clients in the Digital Spotlight.” FPRA has 15 professional chapters and 12 student chapters conveniently located throughout the state of Florida.

Dontaye Carter spoke with more than 40 professionals and students. He began by sharing the story of his wife’s ancestor, who was born a slave in this Country. Their ancestor fought in the American Revolution war to win his freedom. In 1857, the grandson of that ancestor, Cortlandt Van Rensselaer Creed, who became the first African American to graduate from an Ivy League school. You can read more of his story below:

Yale Celebrates 150th Anniversary First American Graduate

Carter focused on teaching the students and professionals:

1) how to use hashtags to further their message

2) responding in the comments section to legitimate questions,

3) and specific methods that your client can use to respond on social media.  


You can watch the full speech at this link:

You can also view pictures from the event on the links below: