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Strategic brand positioning expertise

Carter Media Group operates as a distinguished corporate entity, specializing in providing comprehensive support for organizations launching new campaigns, while adeptly navigating intricate challenges related to race and culture. This professional establishment excels in precisely positioning brands before intended audiences, ensuring trajectories of success. CMG demonstrates a capacity for effective collaboration with grassroots leaders, thereby facilitating the attainment of organizational goals and the cultivation of positive community impact.

Meet the Team

Carter Media Group (CMG) stands as an esteemed award-winning multimedia agency. Our core mission is to empower organizations through strategic communication, effectively driving positive social impact. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, CMG combines traditional communication, public relations, and digital media to create resonant narratives that inspire change.

Dontaye Carter

Dontaye Carter, the Founder and Lead Communication Strategist at Carter Media Group (CMG), is an accomplished expert in Public Relations and Communications. He's earned international recognition for his work, notably in elevating the voices of survivors and their families in high-profile cases such as R. Kelly and Ahmaud Arbery, resulting in three prestigious awards from the 26th Annual Communicators Awards.

Dontaye Carter
CEO & Founder

Corey Waller

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Corey Waller emerges as an influential figure with a distinctive background as an army veteran, social innovator, and adept communicator. Waller's intuitive prowess in Public Relations and messaging has facilitated substantial sponsorships and collaborations such as Air Train, Hank Aaron BMW among others.

Corey Waller
Chief Messaging Officer

Who We Are

Discover CMG: A pinnacle in multimedia excellence, adorned with prestigious awards, redefining creativity and innovation.

Our core mission is to empower organizations through strategic communication, effectively driving positive social impact. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, CMG combines traditional communication, public relations, and digital media to create resonant narratives that inspire change.


Elevate Your Brand with CMG: Setting the Corporate Standard for Excellence.

CMG offers an array of strategic services designed to cater to the diverse needs of our esteemed clientele:

Strategic Marketing, Communications, and Media

Specialized Communications Consulting

Our comprehensive approach ensures messages are delivered with precision across diverse platforms.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advising

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

We provide strategic consultation to foster inclusive practices within organizations.

Crisis Strategy, Management, and Response

Strategic Crisis Strategy and Responsive Measures

Our strategic acumen is pivotal in managing and mitigating crisis situations.

Micro-ethnic Cultural, Racial, Gender Advisory

Micro-ethnic and Cultural Advisory Services

Our deep understanding of cultural nuances empowers brands to connect authentically.

Policy and Government Advising

Active Facilitation of Civic Engagement

We offer informed guidance to navigate the complex realm of policy and governmental affairs.

Campaign Development and Launch

End-to-end Campaign Formulation and Launch

Our expertise in conceptualizing, executing, and launching campaigns maximizes impact.

An Esteemed Award-Winning Multimedia Agency
Strategic Services Designed To Cater To diverse needs
Expert guidance in governance
Maximize impact with campaign expertise.
Cultural expertise empowering authentic connections.

— Lasting Impact For The World To See —


We Are Here For You

Tamika Hrobowski-Houston

Fulton County Judge

"You (Dontaye and Carter Media Group) are amazingly talented in your craft and gave this campaign an extra bit of “oomph” when you came aboard! I appreciate your work ethic and receptiveness to comment and critique. I see great projects in your future and wish you much success and continued blessings on all of your journeys."

Shermela Williams

Fulton County Superior Court Judge

"Dontaye Carter is an amazing person, and Carter Media Group is my secret weapon."

Gerald Griggs

Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney, Justice Fighter

"You are worth your weight in gold. Your work is phenomenal."

Karen Creed, M.D.

Partner, Women's Health Associates

"Dontaye is an attentive and creative public relations expert. He focuses on connecting you with results whether it is brand awareness or conversion to leads."

Will Arnold

Owner, Lead Attorney at The Arnold Law Firm

"Your value comes from having control of the story. You help us to own the narrative."

Lawton Chiles

President of Lawton Chiles

"Dontaye knows and understands the impact of a story told well. A story told well can impact fundraising. A story told well can impact political races. A story told well can change cultures for the better. A great story marked with advertising, with a strong call to action, is really what separates today's marketers that achieve results. Dontaye understands this and I highly recommend Dontaye, and his advice and counsel to you."

Mark Winne

Reporter, WSBTV

"My boss said to me shortly after my story aired, "Good job! How'd you get that story? That was one of the best attorneys I've seen interview on camera. Everything he said was a great soundbite." I replied, "That was Dontaye's work."

Anthony Petty

Executive Financial Partners

"After getting with you today, I truly and sincerely believe that you (Dontaye) are in your space. This has been an amazing time for Sandy and I. I want to commend you for what you're doing and the wealth of information that you shared with us."

Our Clients

CMG Prospectives

Owning the narrative matters

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CMG Works with NAACP & Attorneys To Pursue 100-percent Justice for #AhmaudArbery Family

Our company committed in 2020 to fight back against hate. It was important to us to continue to run with the family of #AhmaudArbery. #BlackLivesStillMatter

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Carter Media Group Works with Attorneys to Fight for Justice with #JimmyAtchison

Carter Media Group wants to send a sincere thank you to NBC News' Simone Weichselbaum and her team for their story Congress’ investigative arm is launching a probe of the policies and practices of Justice Department law enforcement task forces in response to a request from Sen. Jon Ossoff of Georgia.

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CMG Founder Dontaye Carter Speaks with Communication Professionals about the Relevancy of Truth

The truth isn’t hard to find, but it can be difficult to discuss. Dontaye Carter was honored to share the stage with such dynamic public relations experts such as Lt. Col. Caitlin Brown, Director of Public Affairs for the National Guard, Leigh Woisard, Vice President Corporate Public Affairs, Cox Communications, and Lisa Gerber, CEO, Big Leap Creative, and so many other PR heavy weights Florida Public Relations Association.

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