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What I Learned From A Live Interview?

2018-04-24 | Post By: Dontaye Carter

I. Hate. The. Word. “Spin.”


When most people think of Crisis Management, they think of Public Relation professionals who “bend” the truth.  The birth of "spinning" gave life to the term fake news. It's the reason why there's a growing mistrust between the members of the public and our government. To spin a story insinuates that there is something to hide. Honestly, it leads people to believe someone lied. I don’t practice lying. I practice telling a complete story that provides perspective.  

Last week, I was invited to share about my company and how I handle crisis management situations on the Buckhead Business Channel. I was asked, “How do you make sure the story gets across? Is it the details? Or is it the spin of the story that makes it better?”


I answered by saying, “I think it is the details. God is in the details. When you can get down to the details, and people understand what you did, how you did it and who it impacted. It makes a big difference.”


Where’s the “slap my face” emoji when you need it? In its entirety, my wife loved the radio interview. Numerous other colleagues and friends loved the interview. So, what’s the point? I don't spin stories. However, reviewing my stance allowed me to reflect on how I could've responded during the interview. It’s always necessary to review ourselves based on the goals we aim to achieve. The only way to get better is to critic yourself healthy manner. I’m not talking about beating yourself up. I’m talking about asking yourself, what could I have said differently?”


The next time I will say, “I truly believe details matter. I hate the word spin. I package all the important details together and tell the story in the best way while providing value.” 


At the end of the day, the value that you provide to your industry is all that matters. To ensure that you continue to add value, you must answer these questions daily: 


1) What could I have done differently?

2) What would I have done differently?

3) What should I have done differently?


Remember, missed opportunities aren’t losses, only lessons to learn from. Crisis averted without "spinning" a single detail. Now, that's perspective! 

You can listen to the full interview at Public Relations, Marketing and IT Trailblazers on the Buckhead Business Show.