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TBT: CMG Work With Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation Grabs Attention of Phoenix Suns

2023-10-11 | Post By: Dontaye Carter

As millions of people peacefully protest racial injustice around the world, one film providing context to the pain and offering solutions has been dominating streaming on Amazon. The film, The Uncomfortable Truth, by Emmy-winning filmmaker Loki Mulholland, continues to see record numbers for the second week in a row. The film is based on Mulholland’s life, how his own family helped construct racism and privilege, and how it shapes our world 400 years later. 

The film captured the attention of Phoenix Suns Head Coach Monty Williams, who watched the film three times. 

"I thought it was fascinating to hear a white person tell the story, the historical, factual story that his family was involved and how it impacted slavery and African-Americans for decades," Williams said. "The courage of Loki Mulholland to make a movie like that, I thought it'd be a good thing for us to watch as a team."

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