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CMG Founder Dontaye Carter Featured in ShoutOut Atlanta

2020-09-30 | Post By: Dontaye Carter

Hi Dontaye, what’s the most important lesson your business/career has taught you?
The most important lesson that I’ve learned in my career is to persevere. I started learning that lesson at 14 years old when my mother was laid off her job. Even at that young age, all I could think about is how I help her make ends meet. I started working with TADA – Teens Against Drugs and Alcohol. They gave us a box full of candy to sell at six dollars apiece. Out of the six dollars, I was paid $1.50 per item sold. At 14, I had identified my target audience. I mapped out neighborhoods that I believed I could sell multiple boxes of candy. On a good day, I was bringing home $100. I didn’t start there, but I kept refining the process. I’m not saying it was easy, but it forced me to think critically about making the most out of each day. There are more than 7.5-billion on this earth. Ten no’s do not define your success. At that early age, I learned that lesson, and it fuels me now. In business, you will lose a lot more than you win, which makes success so much sweeter. But it starts with learning to persevere and giving yourself a little space and grace for mistakes along the way.

You can read the full interview at the link below:

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